Aims and Objectives   

The overarching aims of this project are to benchmark the implementation and outcomes of the Hong Kong IT in education policy against international data and to provide research-grounded insights for schools and teachers to evaluate their IT integration for teaching and learning. The specific objectives are:

  1. to provide internationally benchmarked indicators on the extent of IT integration in schools and its impact on pedagogy and students' learning outcomes in Hong Kong schools;
  2. to identify through an examination of the international data the strategic factors that are found to be most important in bringing about the effective integration of IT in education in different countries to provide input to policy-makers and school leadership for fine-tuning and improvement of policy and implementation strategies at the system and school level in Hong Kong;
  3. to disseminate the research findings in formats that would be most helpful to teachers, principals and policy-makes in the integration of IT in Hong Kong schools.
Last modified on 14 Nov 2008