CITE Book Launch   

The CITE is pleased to announce the launch of the following new book:

The Changing Face of Education in Hong Kong

The Changing Face of Education in Hong Kong: Transition into the 21st Century
By Allan H.K. Yuen, Nancy Law, Man Wai Lee, and Yeung Lee
Paperback: 220 pages, Publisher: Centre for Information Technology in Education, 1st edition (August, 2010)
Language: English, ISBN: 978-988-18659-2-2

This book is about the changing face of education in Hong Kong. It aims to provide a systematic study of the development and change in school practices, teacher practices, student practices, and student learning outcomes arising from the implementation of ICT in education since 1998, within the broader context of education policy changes in Hong Kong, particularly the comprehensive education reform initiatives that started in 2000. The book aims to understand the nature of the evolving changes and the impact these have made on teachers and students over this 12-year period (1998-2010), and to explore how far such changes have in fact brought about educational transformations. One of the distinctive features of this book is that it depicts the Hong Kong education changes from an international comparative perspective. This book is grounded on rigorous and systematic analysis of local and international studies in the past decade. Taking a comparative perspective, findings of various studies or projects related to ICT in education are presented to illustrate and illuminate the changing face of education in Hong Kong. By linking empirical research findings on practice with system and school level policies, this work aims also to reflect on the lessons that we can learn from Hong Kong’s first decade of ICT implementation in school education. This book has grown out of a substantial secondary analysis of the data collected from two research projects, the international comparative study SITES 2006 ( and the Phase II Evaluation of the Second IT in Education Strategy in Hong Kong ( The former study seeks to understand the status of pedagogy and ICT implementation at classroom, school and system levels while the latter aims to investigate the impact of ICT implementation on student practices and student learning outcomes, in particular whether students are well prepared for the 21st century.

A free copy of the book can be downloaded here.

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