The HK SITES 2006 study is funded by the Quality Education Fund (QEF) and Microsoft Hong Kong Limited. The overarching aims of this project are to benchmark the implementation and outcomes of the Hong Kong IT in education policy against international data and to provide research-grounded insights for schools and teachers to evaluate their IT integration for teaching and learning.


SITES2006 Pedagogy and ICT Use Second Information Technology in Education Study 2006 (SITES 2006), directed by the University of Twente (the Netherlands), the University of Hong Kong, and the IEA Data Processing and Research Centre (Germany), is an international comparative study of pedagogy and ICT-use in schools, focusing on how teaching and learning took place in mathematics and science classrooms and the role of ICT in them. The study examined, to what extent, pedagogical practices considered to be conducive to the development of the 21st century skills were present in comparison to traditionally important ones. Here, the 21st century skills are defined as the capacity to engage in lifelong-learning (self-directed, collaborative inquiry) and in connectedness (communication and collaboration with experts and peers around the world). It also examined how teachers and students used ICT and whether ICT-use contributed differentially to learning activities geared towards the development of the 21st century skills. Analyses were also made to identify conditions at the system, school, and teacher levels associated with different pedagogical practices and different ways of ICT-use in teaching and learning.

The Changing Face of Education in Hong Kong The Centre for Information Technology in Education (CITE) at the University of Hong Kong is a member of the International Study Consortium (ISC) as well as the Study Centre for the Hong Kong study. The HK SITES 2006 study is funded by the Quality Education Fund (QEF) and Microsoft Hong Kong Limited. As a member of ISC, we have made significant contributions to the research design, analysis and reporting of the research project. We have also published a report in 2010 by providing a systematic study of the development and change in school practices, teacher practices, student practices and student learning outcomes arising from the implementation of ICT in education since 1998, within the broader context of education policy changes in Hong Kong, particularly the comprehensive education reform initiatives that started in 2000. This report aims to understand the nature of the evolving changes and the impact these have made on teachers and students over this 12-year period (1998-2010), and to explore how far such changes have in fact brought about educational transformations. One of the distinctive features of this report is that it depicts the Hong Kong education changes from an international comparative perspective.

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