SITES 2006 Seminar: Pedagogy and ICT use in schools around the world: findings from the IEA SITES 2006 study   

The Second Information Technology in Education Study 2006 (SITES 2006) is the latest in a series of international comparative studies on ICT and its use in education conducted under the auspices of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA). Altogether 22 countries and educational systems participated in this study which focused on how teaching and learning took place in mathematics and science classrooms and the role of ICT in them. The study found that the extent of ICT adoption by teachers differs enormously across systems, varying from below 20% to over 80% of teachers applying information and communication technology (ICT) in their lessons. Greater student gains in 21st century skills of self-directed learning and collaborative inquiry were reported by teachers who adopt more student-centered methods that focus on developing students' lifelong learning abilities rather than traditional content goals.

The presentation slides can be downloaded below.


SITES2006-CITE-Seminar080310.pdf 1.28 MB


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